Commonly Asked Questions regarding Bay Quarter Shores:           


Q: I have a question.  Who do I ask?

A: Because management responsibilities change annually, all questions should be directed to .  Questions may be answered directly from the BQS address or may be forwarded to the individual best equipped to answer your question.


Q: Can the clubhouse be reserved for personal use, say for a meeting, family reunion or wedding?

A: .Yes, BQS members may reserve the clubhouse.  There are a few requirements and limitations.  See the clubhouse reservation request form for details.

Q: I would like to become an associate member, but it's July and I hesitate to pay the entire fee for the few remaining warm months.  Is there anything that can be done?

A: Yes.  Our membership year begins September 1st. For the first year of membership only, new members may pay a prorated fee.  For all subsequent years, the full fee must be paid regardless of when the fee is paid. 

Q:Who manages the clubhouse?

A: The vice president of administration manages the clubhouse.  John Sperlazza is the VP of administrations for 2021.  See the board of directors page on this website. 

Q: Who is responsible for the campground? 

A: Lee Farmer, is responsible for the campground.  See the board of directors page on this website. 

Q: I am planning a small construction project such as a shed or porch.  Is there anything I need to do before construction?

A. Yes!  Before construction of any type, including fences, see the Before Building Anything!  page on this website.  Violators are fined, barred from use of BQS amenities and reported to Northumberland County for permit enforcement.